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The Indiana Album: A Digital Collection of Indiana Photos (An Indiana Bicentennial Project)
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Indiana Album Photo Essay (Indianapolis Star)
We are coordinating The Indiana Album Project, a community-submitted digital collection of photographs lingering in albums, attics, and basements throughout the state. Following industry digitization standards, we create high-resolution scans of photographs of houses, businesses, churches, farms, street scenes, clubs, schools, transportation, interesting people, and other social history subjects that might interest others. We are particularly interested in architectural photographs from all eras (not just your great grandpa's generation) that show the changing landscape of small towns and urban areas. While we can't include portraits of everybody (yes, we know Great Aunt Edna was a great woman), we do scan portraits of well-known or interesting people and snapshots of people doing activities such as working, farming, or posing with their fraternal organization. If Great Aunt Edna is posing with her homemade still during Prohibition, we'll definitely include her portrait!

We encourage individuals (and especially students) to use the online images for FREE for personal and educational purposes (please credit "The Indiana Album" and the name of the lender). The project is financially supported by sponsorship, grants, and the sale of prints and high resolution scans for commercial use. In the near future the images will appear on a searchable web page and will be added to the Indiana State Library's "Indiana Memory" project. Potential users include historians, authors, preservationists, film makers, genealogists, students, museums, libraries, urban planners, bloggers, history buffs, architects, school alumni groups, reporters, and many others.

How to Contribute to The Indiana Album
1. VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers to help scan, research, catalog, create a web page, contact lenders, coordinate volunteers, raise funds, and help with GIS maps for tagging photo sites. 
2. DONATE: Help keep the project going by donating money to buy mobile scanning stations, hard drives, office supplies, a traveling exhibit, and project staff. 
3. LEND PHOTOS:  Either send a high resolution scan (see below) or make an appointment to bring them to our downtown Indianapolis studio to be scanned while you wait (for larger collections we will travel to your site). Look for future Indiana Album Scan-a-Thons throughout the state.

How to Submit Scans for the Indiana Digital Archive
Scan photographs (the full image including borders and back if there is identification) as follows:
-600 ppi or dpi (pixels or dots per inch)
-save as "TIF" (not JPG)
-scan as 24-bit color (even if the photo is black & white)
-do not enhance, sharpen, descreen, or "Photoshop" the image...we prefer the raw scan
-provide as much information about the photograph as you can including: date, location/address, people (full names) photographer, etc.
-Email heritagephotoservices@gmail.com to share scans. Scans are too large to email, so you will have to place them on a photo sharing site such as Dropbox. We'll walk you through the process.

Indiana Photographers Project
Since 1990 we have collected biographical and studio information about photographers (including retouchers, assistants, camera and equipment manufacturers, studio owners, and serious amateurs) who worked in Indiana between 1840 and 1960. This will culminate in a book and eventual web page. To submit information or queries, e-mail heritagephotoservices@gmail.com.

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